Press and outreach

Public lectures and presentations

The Ocean's crypic life (public lecture, Aspen Center for Physics, Colorado, USA, 18 Jan 2011)

The Ocean's crypic life - Preview (interview) (Aspen Center for Physics, Colorado, USA, 17 Jan 2011)

Havets usynlige liv (TV lecture, Danskernes Akademi, DR2, 2010)

Tigerspring i sirup (Radio Denmark, Natursyn, Oct 2009)

A mechanistic approach to plankton ecology: Visualizing the invisible (ASLO e-lecture, 2008)

Vandloppen i det store ocean (Radio Denmark, Natursyn, Dec. 2007)

Marin sne - reports from the Galathea expedition, look here and here (November 2006)

Blind dating: The secret life of pelagic copepods (Public lecture, Mathematical Biosciences institute, Ohio State University, USA, May 2006; requires RealPlayer; download here)


Jelies reproduce as little larvae (Nature 3 May 2012, Research highlight)

A sense for supper (Science, 6 December 2011, Science NOW)

Kæden hopper af alger ( , 4 Marts 201)

Predators trigger plankton stealth (Nature, 3 March 2011)

Hop gør vandlopper usynlige (, 20 February 2011)

Choosy plankton play sex games (BBC News, 10 September 2010)

In the blink of an eye (Science, 14. August 2009)

Havets Lucky Luke (, 24 August 2009)

Verdens stærkeste dyr ( May 2010)

The strongest animal in the world (Discovery News, May 2010)

What Makes World's Strongest Animal -- The Tiny Copepod -- So Successful? (Science Daily, May 2010)

Discovery channel: SloMo Tuesdays (Discovery Channel, look at 20 April 2010)
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